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Back in college we would always look for side jobs to help pay for books and meals. Moving jobs were always available and got us through those tough times. Well 12 years later we are still in the industry with a service unlike any other moving service. Our number priority was to give great service, but also to be able to give affordable prices. Now in this industry it is difficult. 90% of moving companies on the internet (yes even large sites like Yelp and Angie's List) are not a licensed and insured moving company. One mistake can lead the company to just vanish leaving you with the heartache of damaged belongings. P.U.C. licensed moving companies have tons of overhead expense which drives the price for the services sky high. Yet a lot of people who are moving might be going through a hardship and can't afford a licensed moving service. That's where we come in. We offer legal moving services just like the expensive moving companies at rates that a normal household can afford.


How did we do it? 

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All licensed full service moving companies must obtain a CAL-T number from the Public Utilities Commission (P.U.C.). When getting this license ads many tariff restrictions and much additional cost that will increase the expense in operating a moving service. What we've done was avoid needing to get a CAL-T number by outsourcing all equipment/trucks to an affiliate 3rd Party company which you pay directly. We carry the same insurance coverage as P.U.C. licensed movers with the same services. Since we are not bound to P.U.C. tariff restrictions and all the extra overhead we can offer the same great services at a much lower rate. We believe everybody should be able to afford great moving service and with our love of great service and business experience we have achieved this with Top Rate Movers.

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